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Investment Advisory Program Guidance

CMC is an institutional investment consultant serving financial intermediaries. All our clients are financial institutions or wealth management firms that have engaged us to develop their high net worth investor money manager, mutual fund and ETF investment programs. We provide a high quality, repeatable, customized service at a fraction of the cost and time required if client firm's tried to do it on their own.  We combine decades of experience with a unique set of skills and resources to deliver practical business solutions. Each CMC client receives individual attention and a service arrangement customized for their business.

Our business-to-business services include:

For more information or to discuss your business needs contact Barry Mendelson, CIMA at 414-727-7995 or or our main help desk at 414-727-7990

For money managers interested in contacting CMC about their strategies,  please contact Rebecca Kane, Investment Manager Due Diligence Coordinator at 414-727-7996 or